Our story


All good things take a long time coming.
Made with love and passion, Creambell ice creams contains the highest quality international ingredients mixed into Pure Daima milk .
Our ice cream is the richest, gooiest, gourmet ice-cream, made of the best quality ingredients from around the globe.

We at Creambell ice-cream look forward to helping create a happier East Africa. We realize that there is no shorter way to instant bliss than biting into thick, rich ice-cream. Thus was born Creambell, a delight in every bite. It’s a way of life and it’s a heritage that we work to live up to every day.



Frank Smith You know what happiness tastes like? Creambell Belgian Chocolate.
about 4 days ago
Indrajeet Bose Dropped into a Creambell parlour with family and walked out with 3 mugs of ice-creams and 3 huge smiles.
about 5 days ago
Joey Manuel Having the worst day ever. Today, I really really deserve a scoop of Creambell Cookies & Cream
about 5 days ago